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Texas Made

Everything is made by hand, here in the heart of Texas. Using the safest processes for you and your body, we make sure to focus on quality first.

Hand Made

From our hearts to yours, every product gets individual tender love and care. Soak with a bath tea, get sudsy with a soap bar, or comfy with a candle (or two, treat yo' self)!

Start relaxing today

Plantable Packaging

Just like our products, our plantable packaging is made by hand from 100% recycled paper. The paper is also PLANTABLE!!! Yes, you can plant our packaging and grow Wildflowers! We hand create the paper from start to finish and along the way we add seeds (and love) all to transform your space!

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Sustainability & Ethically Sourced

At Greens and Browns, we make all decisions with the intent for a cleaner, more sustainable, and better product overall- for you. We make sure to only use ethically and sustainably sourced materials and take pride in doing so.
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We are queer and proud and our products are too! Every product is crafted from the love in our heart. We believe in a proud and open community and love being a part of it.