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Sustainability No. 1


When it comes to sustainability and the environment it's important to consider everything in our day to day routine and how we can help on an individual level along side companies like us who work to leave a lasting impact as well. Throughout the Sustainability Tips and Tricks series, we'll be taking a look at some simple tips and tricks we use here at Greens & Browns to stay sustainable and green.

Skip the plastic, grab the glass.

Part of our mission is to remove plastic packaging and plastic use when purchasing our ingredients. We also carry this practice with us when we shop at our local H-E-B for our groceries. We avoid plastic packaging, wrapping, and containers as much as possible. Instead we search for products with glass as a substitute or a recyclable cardboard. If your favorites can't be found in sustainable packaging, don't worry, still grab your favorite food! 

Reduce AND Reuse!

When shopping for sustainably packaged items, not only are we reducing the amount of plastic and emissions, we also recycle or reuse our glass bottles we find. Many jars are just fine to wash and scrub clean to be reused again for ANYTHING! That's what we love. There are endless opportunities with saving and reusing packaging.
At Greens & Browns, we use our plant-able packaging do the talking for us. We believe you should be able to live the impact you create while making today cleaner. Check out our products today!
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