Greens and Browns Soap Bars

Soap Bars

A beautiful clean with nothing but the good stuff! Our soap is ready to nourish your skin. Plant based, all natural, and formulated with our skin-loving oil blend.

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Greens and Browns Candles


Each candle is hand-poured, made of clean burning soy wax, and includes intentionally selected crystals in every candle.

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Greens and Browns Room Spray

Room Sprays

Featuring a chemical-free blend of water and witch hazel enhanced with 100% Premium Essential Oils, this room spray is perfect for your any space!

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    Our Bundles allow you to mix and match products, or even try... 

  • Lotions


    This moisturizing lotion is Crafted from pure ingredients to provide a luxurious... 

  • Bath Teas

    Enjoy a deep soak in our rich blend our skin nourishing ingredients... 

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